Foundation Phase and National Curriculum

At the Twyn School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which provides our pupils with excellent opportunities to engage in learning that is challenging, creative and provides first hand experiences. The staff at the Twyn School work hard to inspire the pupils in their learning and it is our aim to ensure that all pupils have a ‘thirst for knowledge’ and a love of learning. We know they will need to be adaptable and flexible to the needs of the modern world and so we nurture and encourage independent skills to carry them through their life’s journey. Self confidence, tolerance and respect for others will be the foundations for this journey. We ensure that opportunities for different learning styles are catered for so we can meet the individual pupil requirements.

There are two main phases: The Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2.

The Foundation Phase comprises of:

Nursery, reception, Years 1 and 2 children. they cover seven areas of learning, through a thematic approach, outlined below:

1. Language, Literacy and Communication

2. Mathematical Development

3. Physical Development

4. Creative Development

5. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

6. Personal and Social development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity

7. Welsh Language Development

It is a statutory requirement that pupils are taught RE.

The school fully embraces the philosophy of the Foundation Phase and great emphasis is placed on developing the child through practical activities and the use of the outdoor space. These are crucial first years when children learn how to work together.


Key Stage 2

This includes pupils from Year 3 to Year 6. Whilst the pupils are in Key Stage 2 they will follow the National Curriculum. This consists of the following subject areas:

• Literacy

• Numeracy

• Science

• Art

• Geography

• History

• Information Technology

• Music

• Physical Education

We are also required to teach Religious Education and Welsh as a second Language. The teachers and pupils plan themed approaches together.