Our last Estyn Inspection was in July 2016 and we were extremely pleased with the outcomes. 

Please open the attached file for more details.

Current Performance

The current performance of the school is good because:

  • Nearly all pupils make good progress relative to their starting points
  • Many pupils with additional learning needs make strong progress in relation to their personal targets
  • The school provides an effective range of engaging learning experiences that meet the needs of nearly all pupils successfully
  • Teaching is good or better in all classes
  • The behaviour of nearly all pupils is excellent
  • The school’s extensive provision for vulnerable pupils is highly effective
  • There is a strong ethos of care, respect and trust throughout the school

Prospects for Improvement

  • The school’s prospects for improvement are good because:
  • The headteacher and deputy headteacher provide clear, effective leadership to a united and dedicated team
  • Senior leaders have brought about improvements that have had a positive impact on pupils’ standards and wellbeing, for example in the development of boys’ literacy skills
  • Staff at all levels understand and develop their roles and responsibilities successfully
  • Leaders use a wide range of first-hand evidence to evaluate the performance of the school accurately
  • Targets in the school development plan link closely to the outcomes of self-evaluation
  • The school has made excellent progress in response to the recommendations from the last inspection
  • There is a very effective partnership between the school and parents
  • Creative and innovative partnerships have a positive impact on pupils’ progress, particularly for the most vulnerable pupils
  • Leaders make effective use of available funding