Annual Governors' Report to Parents 2017/18 (PDF 378KB)

Annual Governors' Report to Parents 2016/17 (PDF 480KB)

Annual Governors' Report to Parents 2014/15 (PDF 732KB)

Annual Governors' Report to Parents 2013/14 (PDF 535KB)

Governors are responsible for the strategic vision of the school and for supporting the Headteacher and her staff in achieving that vision. Governors have responsibility for appointing the Headteacher, managing the school’s budget, setting annual targets and monitoring performance against those targets, all in the interest of raising standards of achievement. In addition to these statutory responsibilities, Governors do a wide variety of other things, either through formal committee activity or through personal involvement with the day-to-day life of the school.

The role of the Headteacher is to manage the school and as Governors we aim to support her in doing this. At the Twyn School we have been privileged for some years to support a very successful school, so that our task is to help to maintain and improve on success.

Governing Body

Chair of Governors

Cllr Stephen Kent

Vice Chair

Mrs Jane Jones


Mr Lee Thomas

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Liz Williams

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Glenda Genner

Parent Governors

Mrs Catherine McMahon
Mr Robert Roffe
Mrs Leanne Brain
Mr Mark Tugwell

Teacher Governor

Miss Charlotte George

Staff Governors

Mrs Gaynor Gierak

Community Governors

Mrs Jane Jones
Mr John Poyner
Dr Alun Withey
Cllr Simon Morgan

Local Authority Governors

Cllr. Stephen Kent
Mrs Sharon Ryan
Mr Chris Brimble