Information Technology

Twyn School is a technologically advanced environment; pupils and staff are always looking forward to find the latest and greatest piece of high tech equipment that will enhance our education. 

Girls on iPads

At Twyn School, we “enable our learners to become flexible and adaptable for the modern world”. As ICT is an integral part of today’s modern lifestyle, we believe it is essential that our pupils gain the confidence and ability to use technology effectively and safely. To do this we aim to provide an environment where access to ICT resources is natural, commonplace and safe.

ICT at Twyn School provides a stimulating and enjoyable set of tools enabling good quality teaching and learning to take place. It is a vehicle through which curriculum areas, as well as administration, are supported. It allows all children to make excellent progress and enables teachers to teach more efficiently and effectively.


Google Expeditions

Learning partnerships between home, school and the community can be fostered by accessing our school website, and by keeping in touch with school via social media. Homework can be set, parents and carers can find out what their children have been doing in school and a greater understanding of school life can be garnered.