Twyn Intergen

We are calling to the older generation to come into our school twice a month to have some fun, and to share your wealth of knowledge and great experiences with the younger generation.

There is an opportunity to eat lunch with the children, then an afternoon of fun activities, ranging from classic games to games through technology.

We meet every other Wednesday from 12 pm until 2pm. Lunch is at a cost of £3.50.

The Aims of Twyn Intergen

To span the generation gap through purposeful, mutual beneficial activities that promote a greater understanding and respect between generations and help to build more cohesive communities within Caerphilly.

The Objectives of Twyn Intergen

  • Bridge the age gap between the younger and older generations, removing barriers and stereotypes from both perspectives;

  • Maximise and promote the strengths of health/wellbeing and education related benefits delivered by the Intergen project;

  • Use the Intergen school projects to contribute towards the development of a more cohesive community, where generations interact and communicate with respect and a better understanding of each other;

  • Contribute to the councils overall commitment to Intergenerational practice.