Our History / Ein Hanes

The Education Act of 1902 was one of the greatest constructive measures of the twentieth century. The Act abolished school boards throughout the country and made the county and county boroughs the local authorities for all education. Schools were to be financed out of local rates and so for the first time public money was made available to ensure properly paid teachers.

The first school to be built by the Glamorgan Education Committee was the Twyn Infants' School. It was erected in 1906 and provided education for children aged 5 to 7.

    Laying the foundation stone in 1906







On January 21st 1924, a new elementary school was opened. This building now houses the Twyn Junior school and until recently two infant classes.

A Twyn School classroom in 1906

When Caerphilly County Borough Council took over the running of the school from Mid-Glamorgan in 1996 the new Director of Education, Mr Neil Harries, promised that all schools in the Borough would have a Nursery Department. In order to provide a nursery classroom for the school, the canteen building was refurbished as an Early Years Unit. Our reception classes moved into the building in September 1996. Our Year two classes vacated the junior building and moved back into the main building. Finally in October 1997 our nursery opened. The parents of Caerphilly at last had access to free part time nursery provision. Provision, which the people of the rest of the Rhymney Valley had enjoyed for many years.

In 1998 a terrapin classroom was erected at the school to cope with the growing number of children wishing to attend our school.

Children have always used a bus to travel to Twyn schools. In June 1933, sixty children from the Twyn School were reported to be on 'strike' over the bus service. These children lived at Watford and Thornhill and they were taken to school by bus but they had to walk home!

The infant school celebrated its centenary in December 2006.