Professional Learning Grant 2019/2020

  • LLC (Language, Literacy and Communication) lead provided with EAS training to lead whole school staff training for Literacy
  • ALNCO release time for support staff training/network meetings
  • Whole school moderation meetings
  • ICT lead to manage and organise whole school training on coding
  • Support staff cluster training 
  • Whole school - ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) training 
  • Senior Leadership Team (SLT) - Curriculum Reform training 


Professional Learning Grant 2020/2021

  • Staff Training at all levels in readiness for Curriculum Reform
  • Welbeing training for all support staff on emotional attachment
  • Cluster training for support staff provided by St Martins
  • Middle Leadership training programme for school self-evaluation
  • ALN training to meet the requirements of ALN (Additional Learning Needs) Reform
  • Bespoke online staff training to upskill all staff to manage and organise online learning


Professional Learning Grant 2021/2022

    • Train ALNCOs to ensure enhanced knowledge and understanding of ALN reform to meet key dates in the reform calendar

    • Train and develop knowledge and understand of ALN reform for all staff to support pupils with their ALN needs

    • Train all staff on TEAM teach to ensure consistency in provision of physical intervention with pupils if and when needed

    • Raise knowledge and understanding of anxiety awareness, ACE awareness and PATHWAYS modules to develop consistency and understanding of pupil behaviour

    • Support the development of effective cluster networks to work towards consistent curriculum reform developing school as a learning organisation